Act of Faith by Janet Munsil

April 11 - 20th, 2019

Produced by Realwheels Theatre, presented by The Cultch

Inspired by the true story of an inexplicable recovery from paraplegia by one of our own – a Vancouver teacher/dancer – after 13 years of life in a wheelchair, this is a story that baffles the medical/scientific community, arouses conflicting emotions in the disability community, and is celebrated by the religious community to which “Faith” belongs.

What happens when everything we believe to be true about ourselves or those closest to us us challenged by new information? If you aren’t religious, can you believe in a miracle? This new play explores the mystery of faith-based healing, and the consequences of life-changing transformation.

Shaking and shuddering to her feet, Klaudt is completely believable as Faith. She’s an earnest, spirited performer with a lot of appeal and she clearly has done her homework in managing her wheelchair, wheeling with ease around David Roberts’ set.
— Jo Ledingham

Directed by Rena Cohen. Assisted by Caspar Ryan.

Featuring Emily Brook, Tanja Dixon-Warren, Danielle Klaudt, Janice Laurence, Harmanie Taylor, Mason Temple, Raugi Yu.

Stage Managed by Michael Brooks, assisted by Jenny Kim. Costumes by Christopher David Gauthier. Lighting Design by Michael Hewitt. Sound Design by Matthias Falvai. Multimedia by Caspar Ryan. Choreography by Caronlina Bergonzoni, assisted by Silene Razo. Produced by Allyson McGrane, Lindsey Adams, and Jayson McLean.